“We believe there are 9 key steps to complete every project successfully.” Below is a step by step guide to how the process works. We’ll be working with you through every step, to make sure you get the best possible results.

Our approach is not the same as others. We possess a wider prospect and have a great perception. Working with our clients, analyzing the design challenges from each angle and achieving client’s satisfaction is our main goal. Because of this, we consider the project’s context, the inevitable built form, and intended function cohesively. Creating spaces that are timeless and sustainable is our priority .


Before we do anything, Our representative will start with a brief chat, on the phone or in person, where he will ask you a few questions about the requirement and try to understand briefly the work to be done .
The key to the success of any project is a strong client relationship. As each client is different, so is each project. Listening to the client’s individual needs is our priority. He will discuss your desired budget, the design process, show all previous projects done by the company and clear any questions or concerns you may have.


Now, if you have an existing site to visit, we will meet there and do a ‘site walk through’. This would give us a clearer understanding of the project and what it is you would like to achieve. To get into your mind & spirit he will make you fill up a CONCEPT QUESTIONAIRE which gives a clear idea of the materials & color themes you would like plus have better clarity of the concept & theme to be followed.


After this if you feel you would like to go ahead then an approximate budget proposal is made.

Payment One – Acquiring the confirmation fee amount which further gets deducted from the first installment of total contract value.


Once the design brief and confirmation fee has been agreed upon, we begin working on the space plan, interior concepts, architecture & landscape concepts if relevant. This will consist of 2D floor plan after which we discuss the mood boards, look & feel images, some materials and a few sketch layout options for some key areas. This will be ongoing until all concepts are approved by you the client.


Once the interior concepts are approved, the price options which are categorized into 3star, 5star and 7star options based on the quality of the materials to be used for the project, after this selection of the budgets a mutual time frame is agreed upon to complete the work.

Payment Two – Acquiring the first installment which is 60% amount of the total contract value.


During the civil work like ceiling, flooring, lighting etc. The representative meets the client regularly and answers all design queries and inspects all works on site.


Once the base and background work complete we oversee the installation of the furniture & soft items such as curtains, upholstery, rugs, wall décor, etc.

Payment Three – Acquiring the second installment which is 35 % of the total contract value.


Styling is the final part of the design process, where the accessories, art pieces & decor is added to the space to give it depth and a sense of personality.


At the end a snag list is taken from the client and discussed, after this the final touch is given to the job.Final Payment – Acquiring the final installment which is 5% of the total contract value.

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